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AMD 850 MHZAMD Unveils New AMD Athlon Processor
At Computex, AMD today introduced the new AMD Athlon™ processor featuring performance-enhancing on-chip L2 cache memory, and announced that it has begun shipping its new AMD Duron™ processor to computer manufacturers.

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Rully C Rochadi, 30 years, Motion Graphic Designer
Maybe only a few people knew that Rully is the one who compose "Salahkan Aku" popularized by Titi DJ couple years ago. He is one of few animator that specialized in Motion Graphics Animation. A part of the animation fiel that produce bumper or opening movie in films, TV serial, and some of the top commercials.


Global Illumination
It's not enough to create image with conventional rendering, means without any light simulation. The simulation needed especially for architectural presentation and even, now has been applied to animation.


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